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These are all precision cut stones. That is to say particular care is taken in the cutting and polishing. This include the pavilion, the understide of the stone. Whilst one sees the crown (top) it is the quality of polish on the pavilion that has the dominant effect upon the brightness and sparkle of a stone.

All my stones are cut and polished particularly carefully. My aim is always to maximise optical properties rather than crude weight as is often the case with commercial cutting. You will not find gems cut and polished to this standard on the high-street.

Gemstones are fiendishly difficult to photograph accurately. I believe that one has to look at the stone - under a variety of lighting to decide on whether it is right for you.

So I offer a simple, no-fault returns policy.

I want customers to be completely satisfied. A stone may look good on the screen but may not be right for you when seen. If so then simply return by registered insured post within 30 days for a full refund. Please email me first so I am expecting the stone. I strongly recommend that you use tracked, insured post - as I do when mailing out.

I do not charge postage to the U.K. or E.U.

Ian Robinson