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A Few of my Favourite Cuts

Pentragram Gem Cut
Pentragram Gem Cut


Apostate Gem Cut


Asahi - 朝日
Asahi Gem Cut

Asahi - Rising Sun.

Celtic Cross
Celtic Cross Gem Cut

Frosted facets create the cross on the table.

Golden Poppy
Golden Poppy Gem Cut

Golden Poppy - unusual being 5-sided.

Iconoclast #A
Iconoclast Gem Cut


Iron Cross
Iron Cross Gem Cut

No5 :: Iron Cross - with a brilliant pavilion. Facet tiers A & C are left frosted.

Design by Ian Robinson, 41 facets.

Having cut a number of cross designs I was looking for one that was simple and bold where the design could be clearly seen without magnification. This seems to work well and has attracted a lot of interest.

The Iron Cross has been a German military award from 1877 to the present and its design may be traced back to the cross pattée of the 11th century Teutonic Knights of Jerusalem and earlier.

Lucifer Gem Cut

Lightbringer .. simple and stylish 'twisted-triangle'. Worked well for me in mid-coloured stones such as padparascha sapphire. I have cut in black spinel as well. Cool and gothy init?

Star of David
Star of David Gem Cut

The star is usually left frosted. This has been a popular cut especially in blue sapphire. Unfortunatly rather time-consuming to cut well. For smaller stones the centres of the triangles (c) can be omitted.

Crusader Shield
Crusader Shield Gem Cut

Rather popular. Like many frosted designs tricky to do well, good in larger stones as a spectacular centrepiece.

Aperture Science
Aperture Science Gem Cut

Apparently inspired by a camera frame. Works unusually well.

Gnomes Geode
Gnomes Geode Gem Cut

Rather spectacular, especially in lighter stones.

Standard Round Brilliant
Standard Round Brilliant Gem Cut

There are good reasons why the S.R.B. is so popular. Spectacular light return, lower wastage of natural rough and easy to set. Despite the name there are many varients.

Hagal Rune ᚼ
Haagal Rune Gem Cut

The frosted facets form the Hagal Rune. This is the original Scandanavian - Younger Futhark glyph with the longer vertical lines see also Hagal Rune from Armanen Futharkh script of Guido von List.

Hanami 花見
Hanami Gem Cut

Hanami (花見, "flower viewing") is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers Another interesting design by Marco Voltolini. 'Hanami' is modelled on a cherry blossom. A set of tiers is left frosted with the 'petals' polished.

Chrysanthemum Flower
Chrysanthemum Gem Cut

A bright sparkly flower cut.

Flower Pentagram
Flower Pentagram Gem Cut

Cubic Trillion
Cubic Trillion Gem Cut

Tricky and time-consuming to cut, when I get it right one sees a pseudo 3d pattern of cubes appearing and disappearing.

Alien Outpost
Alien Outpost Gem Cut

A striking trillion cut, easier to set with cut corners.

Trottola Gem Cut

An interesting variant on the ‘square barion’ concept with the table rotated by 45 degrees. This has been used in cutting competitions in the UK and US. The pavilion is essentially brilliant cut giving a very bright sparkly appearance with plenty of dispersion.

Rands Corner Cut Rectangle
Rand's Corner Cut Rectangle Gem Cut


Ruination Gem Cut

Clean .. simple .. stunning..

Rexy Flexy
Rexy Flexy Gem Cut

An interesting ‘modern’ hexagon. Restrained in that it does not have an excess of facets resulting in a design that shows off the geometry of the cut. Interestingly there are two varients, left and right handed which works nicely with matched stones.

Emergent Phenomenon
Emergent Phenomenon Gem Cut

The brightness, most sparkly trillion cut I know.

Desoppo Bars
Desoppo Bars Gem Cut

A very nice 'opposed bar' cut. In direct light square pixels flash as the stone is moved leading to an unusually dynamic and eyecatching effect. Surprisingly works even better in dark stones such as deep blue sapphire.

Brilliant Pear
Brilliant Pear Gem Cut

A very bright pear by the noted american designer/cutter Jeff Graham.

Geometric Etude No 1
Geometric Etude 1 Gem Cut

Very geometric, clean and modern.