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10/5/2020 - A Man of Wealth and Taste

'Lucifer' - cut in Indian black spinel.

I do like spinel feeling that the surface lustre is superior to sapphire. Black spinel has to be polished with great care as the smallest scratch is apparent. Was there any point cutting the pavilion (bottom) No - apart from a sense of completeness. In the video under bright light and high magnification it become apparent that the stone is actually a very deep red - to the naked eye appearing jet black. I think I'll set this myself when I can come up with a suitable design - thinking black silver spikes, gold & copper.


9/5/2020 - Green Sapphire Opposed bar Cut


26/1/2020 - On the Dop

Currently cutting a pink sapphire triangle.

Pink Sapphire Triangle

Pink Sapphire Triangle


31/8/2019 - Oxford Stone #2

Loosely based on a design by Marco Voltolini

Yellow smokey quartz fancy cut
Fancy Cut yellow Quartz


15/8/2019 - Oxford Stone #1

I'm cutting some stones for a display in the Oxford National History Museum. This is yellow smokey quartz from which I hope to cut something rather unusual......

Yellow smokey quartz for faceting
Yellow smokey quartz
Thanks you bernard
An Unusual Gemstone Cut


29/6/2019 - Blue Topaz Star of David - hmmm

Stars of David are very tricky to get right. This looks good in the flesh though not so good at high magnification. Whilst I can place facets to better than 1 /40 degree the slightest misalignment become apparent at high mag. I can now see why some faceters place the star in the pavilion (bottom) as the angles are less critical.

I think I'll leave them for the mo. I am prepared to cut one to commission but the cutting time may well be in excess of 20 hours - this will be expensive.

For the moment my religious/mystical are various crosses/crusader shields, Yin-Yang and the Lucifer cut.

Blue Topaz star of David
Blue Topaz - Star of David #1


23/6/2019 - Blue Topaz Star of David

I have received some blue topaz from a dealer in N.Z. Currently working on a matched pair of Stars of David which should look nice in this light blue.

Uncut Blue Topaz
Uncut Blue Topaz

Preparing to polish the pavilion on the first stone

Cut blue unpolished pavilion
Cut, unpolished pavilion - Blue Topaz


22/6/2019 - Rexy - Sapphire

'Rexy' by Robert Dodd - cut in sapphire

Rexy - Sapphire
Rexy - Sapphire


15/6/2019 - Smithsonian Bar - Tourmaline

'Smith Bar' by Jeff Graham - cut in natural moss tourmaline


17/2/2019 - Mexican Fire Opal

I have just received 65ct of very nice rough from New Zealand. I should be able to cut at least 6 nice stones from this.

Mexican Fire Opal Rough
Mexican Fire Opal Rough


14/2/2019 - Mythos Collection #2

Continuing with my aim of building up a portfolio of mythologically inspired gemcuts - I now have a couple of Stars of David, various pentagrams, the 'Lucifer' cut and crosses. I am presently working on a yin-yang in ametrine. Here is a 'crusader shield' the cross would stand out better in a lighter stone especially if left frosted. Unfortunately I neglected to clean the stone properly before filming. Maltese crosses may be a better way to go as the simpler cross would stand out more. Also my own 'flower pentagram' in pink sapphire.


14/2/2019 - Two sapphires - Star of David #1 and #2

The white (clear) is the classic design by Fred Van Sant, two tiers of facets on the crown are frosted to create a Star of David. For the second I slightly adapted the design, cut in blue sapphire to match the Israeli flag - a lighter blue may work better.


14/2/2019 - Faceting - high resolution protractor

Decided to retrofit an optical encoder to my facting machine as the cheap 'n cheerful one is playing up. I've ordered a 3600 cpr optical encoder from the US (US Digital E6), with quadrature encoding this should give a resolution of 0.025 degrees. I'll use an Arduino with a panel display for the readout and maybe fit a pressure sensor to the quill whilst I am at it. This probably means very little to most people - but its a cheap(ish) way of measuring angles on a machine bloody precisely.

Polyhedron faceter
My much adapted Polyhedron facter


23/08/2018 - Smoky Quartz - Test Cut

A quicky photo of recent test cut - included smoky quartz (i.e. the marks are internal not on the surface), design 'Smithsonian' Bar by Jeff Graham.

smoky quartz
Faceted smokey quartz, Smithsonian Bar by Jeff Graham


3/06/2018 - Padparadscha Sapphire - 'Alien Outpost'

5.5ct 10mm high, symmetrical. The cut is 'Alien Outpost' by Greg Glenn - a classic gemstone designer. 49 facets optimized for sapphire. This stone was very slowly cut, mostly on 3000 grit, polished on 8000 grit and finished on 100,000 grit using a ceramic lap for maximum sparkle and flatness.

sapphire1 sapphire2 sapphire3
Padparadscha Sapphire - Alien Outpost Design


2/06/2018 - Brazilian Amethyst - 'Cube Illusion'

An unusual and rather difficult cut. Reminds me of an Escher drawing, when moved the central cube appears and disappears. This particular cut is surprisingly tricky and rather time consuming, I went through a number of stones before I got it right. It took so long that I am unlikely to do another for some time. 9-9.1 mm high. A very deep brazilian purple.

cube Illusion 1 cube Illusion 2
Amethyst - Cube Illusion Design


9/5/2018 - More soviet surplus goodies

Postie today delivered a package from Russia. Various Lithium Niobate prisms for me to facet. Like the tantalate probably surplus from the high-tec defense programs of the 80's. A clear opto-electronic ceramic with a high refractive index - close to that of diamond. Rare stuff.

null rifle signature plot
one of a number of lithium niobate pieces for faceting.


6/5/2018 - Chillin with white sapphire

Relaxing with a change of scene. Continuing to cut a white sapphire which I have been neglecting under pressure of work- 'Sweetheart' cut - same size and cut as the one somewhere below.

null rifle signature plot
White sapphire on faceting machine.


2/4/2018 - A sapphire in a novel setting

'Sweetheart Cut' (design by the late Jeff Graham) 5ct sapphire cut by myself. I was going for a minimalist setting with the stone 'floating' above. Beveled sterling silver bar about 4cm tall. Rather pleased with how it turned out. The photo is a bit lousy but looks very tasty in the flesh.
Sapphire in a setting
Minimalist sterling silver bar setting.


3/3/2018 - Exotic Faceting Material

Postie delivered a package from Russia containing three pieces of Lithium Tantalate - LiTaO3. An exotic optoelectronic ceramic, little cut due to scarcity, high refractive index (2.2) and crazy high dispersion (0.128) - three times that of diamond. Given where it was posted from and the date of 1978 I suspect this is old stock from the soviet high-tec defense industry. Rare stuff, I will have to think carefully about suitable cuts.

LiTaO3 prism
Soviet military surplus - Lithium Tantalate